Brotherly Love

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The 1D obsession isn't going anywhere. I decided a little while ago to stop fighting it and embrace it. Even if it's consuming my life. And my sister's life. And occasionally (more often than not) my Mother's too. It's pretty awesome when the three of us get to talking though. They've turned my mother back into a 13 year old and it's wonderful.

Ed Sheeran is playing in Toronto in September and I need to go. It's not even a want. I just can't afford to buy both my ticket and my sister's since the event is sold out and I can only find tickets on stubhub that are ridiculously expensive. She doesn't have a job either so I know I won't get my money back. I just can't go alone because Toronto is far and concerts aren't fun to me if I'm not with people I know. And I'd feel guilty, too.

I need a better job specifically to pay for overpriced concerts.
Brotherly Love

i'm scared.

Possible doctors appointment tomorrow. My mom swears the birthmark mole I have on my chest is changing colors and I swear that I've found two marks that I've never seen before. :/ I'm fucking terrified guys, and I know it's probably nothing but still. There goes sleeping tonight :/

On a positive note, my kitten Sophia is cuddling with me...though she's not feeling too good herself.